ABB Low Voltage Products celebrates 20 years of business in China

Beijing, China. ABB’s Low Voltage Products division, a business of the leading power and automatio more


Russia’s Far East occupies one-third of the country’s territory and accounts for more than nine more

BRICS nations launch new development bank

A new international development bank and multi-billion emergency lending pool are set to be launched more

Nissan sold in Russia 1 million cars

The Nissan in Russia broke the mark of 1 million vehicles (including light commercial vehicles) for more

Rolls Royce sales surge by 11 percent in China

Rolls Royce the luxury motor car manufacture just announced a sales increase in the leading Bric cou more

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Brazil is the 2nd Fastest going economy in the Bric group

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It's only now that Brazil was starting to realise its economic potential as in the past it's been very much a sleeping giant. Brazil is the 2nd fastest growing economy in the Bric group of country's which are Russia, India, China and South Africa. Brazil is the 10th Largest economy in the world with a GDP of US$ 1.78 Trillion. In 2009 Brazil had a population of 192 million people which is the 5th

Russia Ready to Invest in its Oil and Gas Infrastructure

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Russia one of the worlds leading Oil and Gas exporter and its looking to invest in its industry to improve its capabilities to exact its Oil and Gas resources. It's estimated that Russia has used about 50% of its known Oil and Gas reserves and now it's looking to attract investment to modernize its exploration infrastructure. The Global energy market is rapidly changing greater due to economic gro

Bric Region – Can you see the opportunities

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Bric Region – Can you see the opportunities. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa account for two thirds of the worlds current economic growth today. Some key points that need to be considered.* Brazil is the worlds fastest commercial real estate market.* Moscow has more Billionaires then New York and London combined.* Ten Years ago India had one shopping mall now one opens every two we

The auto industry in the Bric Countries offer excellent growth Opportunities

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The country’s largest auto market, Beijing has also introduced limits on car registrations, raising fears the auto market may slow further. On May 2011, China’s auto market posted its first decline in two years, as sales dipped 0.1 percent from a year earlier. Auto sales are up about 6 percent for the first seven months of the year. The Chinese government has encouraged foreign automakers to e

One of the biggest markets in the world for Machine Tools is China

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The Chinese Market for Machine Tools is Booming since it really started to open up at the beginning of the 90s and since then has seen double digit growth year on year.The top 100 Machine tools manufacturers  in the US and Western Europe report that on average China represents 22% of their overall market and this percentage is sure to increase in the future. As a Machine Tool manufactures hav

Business Etiquette in China

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China's rich history influences how business is done in China, it's no coincidence that China calls itself the middle kingdom, for centuries the Chinese people have seen their country as the centre of the world. China has opened its doors to foreigners and Chinese people might be fascinated by western ways and technology but they are proud of their past superiority and history and this has had a g

Bric Region Mining Report: The latest inside news and information on the Mining industry in the Bric Region.

If you were to pick one industry that best demonstrates the strong connections between the Bric countries that industry would be the mining industry. The Bric countries play a dominant role in the Global Mining Business in terms of reserves, production and consumption. The Mining Industry across the 5 Bric Partner countries is expected to grow at an impressive  7% in 2013 which is slightly lo

Brazil's water management challenges open doors for cleantech entrepreneurs Clean technology will have a strong future in Brazil as its farmers continue to feed much of the world

Brazil's massive economic growth could have environmental consequences in the future, and the two-fold punch of an increasing population and an agricultural boom threatens its plentiful water supply. Nanotechnology and cleantech entrepreneurs, however, will find opportunity in Latin America's largest economy.While many countries still suffer from an economic hangover due to the 2008 global financi

China and its Big Business of Recycling

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Over 17 Million people in Beijing and 100 000 people work on the front line of the waste and recycling industry in the city. Rubbish and Recycling is big business in China and it's estimated that the Waste Treatment and Recycling Industry is worth over €14 billion Dollars in China. At the moment the collection of recyclable waste is generally a family run cottage industry with an army collectors

Russia's Solution for its annual 40 million Tonnes of Waste

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Russia's Ruling Party is going into Partnership with a  State run Technology FirmRussia Produces an annual 40 million Tonnes of Waste, Rubbish, Trash or what ever you like to call it  At the moment Russia refuse collection systems are very old fashioned and rely on Old Technology and lots of Manpower. With the recycling industry in its infancy and quite fragmented with a lot of

Bric Countries Overview and developing business in the Bric Region

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The Bric Region is made up of 4 counties Brazil, Russia, India and China and since the April summit in China South has been added to the Bric Group. The total GDP for the 4 Bric Countries is just under $ 11 Trillion Dollars which is just behind the US $13.3 Trillion Gross domestic product. With US Economy maturing and slowing then the future world growth looks towards the brick region and searchin

EU Trade chief De Gucht travels to China and Singapore to deepen trade ties

The EU’s Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht will meet China’s Commerce Minister, Chen Deming, in Beijing on 14 July to discuss the trade and investment relations between the EU and China. The talks are expected to focus on how European trade and investment with China can be increased with a view to assisting European companies gain better access to the vast Chinese market. The EU and

Mobile AD Spending growing by 100% in the Bric Region

Overall spending limits for Mobile AD's has increase by 100% in the Bric region from July 2010 to July 2011 and the highest growth is in China and Brazil and for the next 12 months this growth will more then double. Its Expected Mobile Advertising in China will reach nearly 1 Billion dollars per year for 2012. Russia mobile web use will go from nearly 30% now to over 40% by 2014 and grow

South Africa needs to be more aggressive to be Competitive

South Africa the Bric regions newest member must use its elbows to increase its momentum to remain competitive and achieve the impressive growth rates of its fellow Brics members Brazil, Russia, India and China according to its Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.“South Africa is falling behind,” he said. “In the BRICS Company we’re going to be elbowed. Unless we have the critical mass to use

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